Package com.dopanic.panicarkit.lib

Class Summary
PARApplication Inherit your app from this class to automatically initialize PanicAR
PARCameraView Represents AR camera view
PARController Handles management of POIs
PARDataCollector Created by helmi on 10.04.14.
PARInstallation Created by helmi on 10.04.14.
PARLayoutManager todo: this is unnecessary ...? Check Created by helmi on 19.02.14.
PARLayoutManager.LayoutParams Custom per-child layout information.
PARPoi Represents a point of interest
PARPoiLabel Created by azeitler on 18.02.14.
PARPoiLabelAdvanced Created by helmi on 21.03.14.
PARProgressBar Created by azeitler on 29.08.14.
PARRadarView PAR RadarView todo: remove custom layout manager Created by helmi on 20.02.14.
PARView Created by azeitler on 26.08.14.

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